Sark Transport


Sark is a unique island and a visit is like stepping back in time. Transport on the island is primarily by bicycle or horse and cart.

Reaching the Island

Sark is most easily reached from Guernsey (which has an airport and ferry services to the UK and France). The Sark Shipping Company provides the ferry service from Guernsey. There are sailings most days year round. In the summer months there are typically 4 to 5 services Monday - Saturday from Guernsey and two on Sundays. In late autumn and early spring the service is typically reduced to 2 to 3 crossings a day whilst during the winter there are between 1 and 2 services most days, but no Sunday service in winter. The crossing takes around 45 minutes from Guernsey.

As well as the service from Guernsey there is also a ferry service from Jersey, operated by Manche Iles Express. This typically runs from late April to the end of September with usually around 3 to 4 crossings a week although the timings are usually well suited to a day trip, with a departure from Jersey between 9 and 10am and a return from Sark between 4pm and 7pm. The crossing from Jersey takes around 50 minutes and normally departs from St Helier, although a few crossings depart from Gorey instead. For details of crossing times, consult the timetable on their website.

Finally during the summer months only the Lady Maris II sails from Alderney to Sark on Thursday (subject to sufficient bookings), departing Alderney at 09:00 and arriving at Sark by 10:15am, with a return from Sark at 17:00, arriving back to Alderney at 18:30. For details see the website of Alderney Gift Box which has details of the service.

Getting around the island

Cars are banned on sark so the principal way to get about is on foot or by bike. There are two cycle hire companies on Sark. There are also horse and carriage rides available.

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